K24 Commercial fishing boat


K31 Fastcatch -The K31 hull is a design from John Moxham who has been designing fast hulls since 1960. The design uses a deep 'V' planing hull incorporating a unique dynamic lift to the stern increasing load carrying capacity whilst maintaining speed.

The K31 combines speed with a good clear deck area and ample carrying capacity. She is an excellent seaworthy boat giving good stability when working and handles well at slow speeds. She offers a smooth ride, planes easily and is a good dry boat. In most weather conditions there is little or no slamming or crashing into oncoming waves and in a big following sea she requires minimal steerage correction.

The K31 in detail




Typical usage

Fast deep-sea sports

Overall length - metres (feet)

31' (9.45m)

Beam - metres (feet)

12' (3.66)

Draught - metres (feet)

3'1" (0.98)

Working deck area - Sq M (Sq Ft)

410 (38m)

Engine power range - Kw (bhp)


Approximate speed (knots)

Dependent on power


K24 Deck plan

Engine: Z-drive or shaft

To achieve the most competive price range opf moulds were produced for all parts of the boat and which can be adapted to meet individual requirements. We can build a boat to suit your individual specification. and all hulls come with a Seafish Authority certificate

Sport 31 -This hull has been also designed by renowned powerboat designer John Moxham. The hull is a deep 'V' planing hull with unique dynamic lift to the stern to increase load carrying capacity and provides economical cruising. the SPORT 31 is available in:


  • Single engine with conventional shaft.
  • Twin engines with 'P' brackets.
  • Single or twin leg drives.
  • Twin jet drives

    The SPORT 31 has a large deck area with flush main deck. It provides a stable platform in heavy weather and the long keel gives good lateral resistance for manoeuvering at low speed, (stops blowing over the surface like a match box). There is good protection to the propeller, ideal for grounding. All hulls are built to Seafish Authority standards and come complete with Seafish hull certificates. Nice wide side decks allow good all around accesss.

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